Glass Verandas, Your best friend in the bad weather!

What are Glass Verandas and why are they so great!

In this article we will go through what makes a Veranda so good and also what might put you off! We have used our knowledge and research to make sure we cover everything you need to know to make the best decision possible.


So, Why are they so great!?

The main reason most people decide to get a Veranda is to improve the time spent outdoors. With them being so effective defending against the bad weather, it allows you to spend time outdoors whatever the weather.  With them being such a stable structure you do not have to worry about wind or rain breaking it. This is one of the biggest benefits compared to a patio awning that you do not have to worry about it no matter the conditions!

Even though Verandas are stable, they also are retro fitted meaning if you decide to move home you can take your Veranda with you or you can leave it there adding value to the home! This is just one of the reasons they are so versatile. With the option of using it as a Carport keeping your car protected against the elements. You can add glass to the sides enclosing it into a glass room creating a beautiful extension on your home.

Fully bespoke to your exact style, colour, size and design you want! You are in full control of the whole design process, with our extremely knowledgeable team helping you out with any queries along the way. This makes sure that every detail is taken care of and you are left with a perfect veranda to match your home!


There must be some downside though!?

The biggest problem found is that the glass allows heat and UV rays through. This can be bad for a few reasons one being it can create a heat trap, especially in a fully enclosed glass room. Another problem being the UV rays can fade the colour on furniture such as carpets, sofas etc. 

Do not fear though, we have a solution to this problem. One of the extras available to add on is retractable sun screens, these let you decide when you want to let the sun in and enjoy the view outdoors and when you feel its best to keep the sun out and enjoy the veranda in shade.

So if you take the right steps when preparing for the Veranda you will be able to overcome any problems that may occur. Installing a retractable Sun Screen to combat the glare of the sun or glass side elements to add an extra room to your home and stay fully protected no matter if it is snowing or hailing you will still be able to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors.

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