Veranda Accessories

A Signature Veranda is already fantastic, but how would you feel about making them even better!

We offer some brilliant accessories to go with it to further enhance your veranda experience.

Whether its extra sun protection, heaters, lighting or anything else you think could enhance your veranda. We are sure we have an accessory to help.

Here is a list of accessories available to you.


  • Sliding Glass Elements – As previously described in the Verandas and Garden rooms page. You have the option of enclosing your veranda with glass sliding elements. This turns your veranda into a beautiful glass room that gives extra protection against bad weather and also adds another room to your home.
  • Sun Screens – Is the suns glare catching you whilst you are sat under your veranda? Well with the touch of a button you can lower a sun screen to prevent this from happening. With intelligent fabric that cut the heat and give you the freedom to look out when no-one can look in.
  • Roof Blind – A remote control powered blind that is neatly tucked away when not in use. The blind stops glare and heat from above, optimizing the temperature. There is a range of fabrics available to you to make sure it matches well with your home.
  • Fixed Glass Walls – With an aluminium frame that is powder coated to perfectly match your home this is a great addition to your home and also a great combination with the sliding glass elements.
  • Lighting – Our lighting bars that are powered by a remote control can be a great addition. If you feel like having dinner or enjoying a glass of wine outside slightly later then installing a light bar is a great choice.
  • Heating – To make your veranda even more weatherproof we provide heaters that will keep you cozy when the weather doesn’t want you too be. They are electronic and efficient to run and give you the heat you need almost instantaneously.

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