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Signatures could not be more proud of the quality of the awnings they provide their customers. Whilst awnings are growing in popularity by the day so are the quality of awnings we provide, offering you the best protection against the suns harmful UV rays.

With a vast range of colours and patterns available to choose from and bespoke sizing you can be sure that your awning will compliment your home perfectly.

Our awnings reduce the solar glare inside your home and protect you from the heat and with clever technology the unique fabrics allow inside to outside visibility but not vice versa to save you from wondering eyes. These fabrics are also self cleaning so you do not have to worry about extra maintenance.

Our new compression bonding techniques have a lot of additional benefits as well, rather than the conventional stitched finish the bonded finish leaves you with a seamless appearance also whereas the stitched finish was susceptible to light and water breaking through as well as not being as resistant to a change in temperature, with the new bonded finish these problems have been dramatically reduced and has a much greater longevity. However the conventional stitched finish is still available on request.

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