Verandas and Garden Rooms

Making sure you get the most from your outdoor space

Would you like to spend more time enjoying your outside living area? If the answer is yes then we have a great solution for you! Signatures Verandas allow you to extend your home and give you an extra option when you are choosing where you would like to sit down for breakfast, read a book or anything else that the weather would usually not allow you to do.

The versatility of a Signature Veranda is unrivaled giving you the option of using it as a carport, canopy or converting it into a beautiful glass room by adding sliding side elements giving you even more protection from poor weather conditions. The latter option is becoming very popular as it adds a whole new room to your home and as it is a glass enclosure you will still enjoy the same view as if there was just the veranda.

Another amazing feature is that they are retro fitted so if you feel like moving homes you don’t have to worry about leaving your veranda behind as you can take it with you, or if you did want to leave it there it gives a great added value to your home.

Our Verandas are full bespoke giving you full control of choosing any size, style, colour you want and with our team of experts just a phone call away who are more than happy to help you answer any questions that you might still have.

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