Awning or Veranda? Which is the best match for you?

Awning or Veranda?

Are you struggling to decide between an Awning or a Veranda for your home or business? Well luckily for you Signature are here to help! When the sun starts to shine brighter, you want to spend as much time enjoying the outdoors as possible and the perfect way to get every moment you deserve in the sun is by the addition of a veranda or awning to your home. Below we will compare the two and help you in making the best decision possible.


Verandas are a great addition to any home giving you more comfort and enjoyment outdoors even when it is bad weather. It is great for being able to leave garden furniture outside without the worry of them being damaged. Verandas are usually very sturdy so do not get worn out as easily as awnings. There is one downside to Verandas the glass does not protect against the heat and UV rays so when it is very sunny it can get very hot, however there is sun shields available to add on to stop this problem. Another add on available with Verandas is glass side elements to convert your veranda into a beautiful glass room giving extra protection against harsh winds and other extreme weather conditions. 


Retractable patio awnings are gaining popularity worldwide because of their flexibility and versatility. Patio awnings are mainly used as a shield against UV rays and to provide shade. They also give protection from rain and snow and prevent furnishings, carpets, paints, etc., from fading. Awnings impart beauty and are very practical. Retractable Awnings are much more flexible than fixed ones, however as they are so versatile the cost is higher. Another great thing about retractable awnings is that when there is seriously harsh weather conditions such as storms or heavy snowfall you are able to retract them to protect the fabrics. With a Signature Awning you have the option of including a wind sensor so if you are out and have left the Awning extended the wind sensor will save you by automatically retracting. With the traditional stitching they are prone to leakages however with Signatures compression bonding we have massively decreased the chance of any leaks occurring.


Both products are great for letting you make the most out of your garden. But if you were looking for something more stable with the possibilities of extras then a Glass Veranda is for you, however if you were just looking for a protection from the weather whilst being able to tuck it away whenever you feel like then an Awning is for you!

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