Sliding, Bi-Fold or French? Which door is your perfect match!?

The Big Question: Sliding, Bi-Fold or French!?

There is a lot of things to consider when choosing the right door for your home! That is why we have created this article comparing sliding, bi-fold and french doors, so you make the best choice!

We have compared them on the view they offer, their aesthetic appeal, ease of configuration, threshold and the cost.


All three offer an enhanced view compared to average windows or doors but here are a few of the differences between the three.

Bi-folding and sliding doors top the french doors on this one as there are less obstructions than on your typical french door. Bi-folding does have a slight obstruction when closed as there are a few panels however you have the opportunity to open them fully out and connect your home with the outdoors. You cannot fully open sliding doors unless you go through the task of installing pockets in your home which can be price and time consuming, they do however offer a greater view when fully closed and when they are open as they have less framework and larger window panes.


All of these can be altered and customized to fit your needs and wants however here is a few reasons why the different styles might favor your property

Even though French doors frames and glass styles can be changed to match modern houses its is usually best suited for older properties, with its traditional small windows. Bi-fold are typically associated with modern homes but are becoming increasingly popular in traditional homes or extensions to properties there sleek, slim lines give them the unique advantage of being completely open so can compliment every style of house.

The main downside of sliding doors is that they cannot fully open and tend to have slightly thicker frames than Bi-fold doors, on the other hand they look great whether they are open or closed with their bigger window panes giving you a great view.


The Configuration is an important part to consider as you could choose the nicest door in the world but if it doesn’t fit correctly in your home then it is no good.

French Doors are two doors that can open inwards or outwards to best suit you, but do not have many other configuration options, they can be installed into bay windows and fitted with windows next to them.

Bi-fold are the most flexible in terms of available configurations such as different number of door leaves, can be opened inwards, outwards, open in the middle and more and can be installed in most places, round corners, bay areas etc giving them a real edge over the other two.

Sliding doors have multiple ways of opening giving you the option of opening in the center, either side, slide behind or in front of the other however unlike bi-fold they are not easily installed into bay areas so if you are looking at something with a bay area then bi-fold is the best option for you.



There is a big difference between the frames of each of these doors and its these details where the differences reveal themselves.

A problem with the French patio door is they tend to not be flush to the ground so could present a tripping hazard and this can jeopardize the feeling of connecting the outside with the inside by creating a slight barrier.

Sliding doors have a similar problem as they are rarely available flush with the floor.

Bi fold is the best option for offering a level threshold all the way through creating the feeling of having an uninterrupted space which is further improved by the fact you can fully open them up.



There is no way of giving an exact cost to any of these styles as depending on which material you choose for the door and the size of the area is going to change this more so than the design you choose. The popular materials used are aluminium, timber and PVC. As you can imagine the choice of material effects every aspect, from looks and maintenance to longevity.

French doors are the most affordable option as they are much more common, smaller and more readily available you are looking at around £1,500 – £2,000 including doors, materials and labour.

Sliding doors are in between the two looking at around £1,600 – £2,100 with labour, materials and the door they aren’t quite as available as French doors but still can be bought ‘off the shelf’ at most DIY traders, most sliding doors are uPVC and the timber and aluminium doors tend to be bespoke and you are looking at a much higher cost.

Bi-fold are the most expensive in general as they are usually larger and feature more leafs. The choice of material will make more of a difference with Bi-fold as they are bigger, looking at around £1,000 per door leaf.

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