Sliding Doors

Quite simply the best way to remove the boundaries between your outside and inside living areas. Our sliding doors can be integrated into the designs of glass structures and provide a seamless fusion of living space and a sense of well being.

With our range of sliding doors, we offer maximum glazed surfaces with large sliding openings.

Tailored to the needs of our customers, we offer four types of door systems in a variety of finishes:

Tilt-and-slide door

Our Comfort tilt-and-slide doors feature an automatic “comfort-soft” movement of the sash into the frame: with a single movement, the sliding door is unlocked and comfortably moved into the sliding position. The energy used is then stored so that the sash automatically fits snugly into closed position following manual sliding. The surrounding gap ventilation allows premises to be ventilated without reducing security against break-ins.

The standard version of the tilt-and-slide door is on the other hand equipped with convenient tilting ventilation, making this door especially suitable for private residential use.

Sliding door and window Easy-slide

The new Easy-Slide sliding door is not just smooth in operation but also offers fine aesthetic qualities. The slender profile widths create an elegant glass architecture: the Nova sash interior is restrained, with slim contours to create greater transparency. The frame is barely visible from the outside, maximising the glazed surface and light incidence in the living area. Concealed fittings complement the harmonious, delicate overall impression. With its flat threshold (just 26 mm) this sliding door guarantees ease of access from the inside to the outside. The Easy-Slide system is also particularly suitable for sliding windows, not least because of its slender profile widths. With Easy-slide windows, the sash does not protrude into the room when opened, thus window sills or kitchen countertops do not need to be cleared beforehand. For a thoroughly modern look, we offer the Easy-Slide Cristal variant, featuring an outside sliding sash.

Lift-and-slide door

Our aluminium lift-and-slide doors render possible large glazed areas with high light incidence, leading to a new sense of space. They are especially user friendly: even very large doors open and close with ease. The extremely flat threshold reduces the risk of tripping and difficult-to-cross height differences.

Advantages at a glance:

  • smooth sliding system
  • simple and user-friendly manual operating mechanism
  • extremely flat floor threshold
  • large glass surfaces create a sense of open living

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