1. Excellent thermal insulation
    Our aluminium windows and doors provide excellent thermal insulation. Innovative multi-chambered PVC profiles with central sealing, thermally-optimised glass spacers and triple glazing guarantee thermal insulation values of up to Uw 0.80 W/m²K.
  2. Elegant aluminium design
    Our elements consist of a sealed, insulating PVC frame at the core, solidly joined both inside and outside with high-quality aluminium. Narrow profiles ensure maximum light incidence, while the aluminium cladding offers numerous possibilities for colour and surface design.
  3. Long-term functional reliability
    Special adhesive technology contributes to the narrow profile appearance, high thermal insulation and protection against break-ins.
  4. Large choice of product variants
    Seven sash variants are available to meet your aesthetic and structural requirements. All models feature slim internal contours without glazing beads or jointing. For a particularly attractive contemporary finish, a flush interior execution is available, as well as an installation option to conceal the exterior frame.
  5. Wind and weatherproof
    Equipped with a centre seal, our windows and doors are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding requirements, including extreme weather conditions. Welded profile corner joints and the firm fit of the seals in the frame optimises both air and water tightness.
  6. Superior sound insulation
    Our aluminium windows and doors excel in tightness and stability. The standard execution of our aluminium products offers an excellent sound insulation value of Rw 38 dB. Values of up to Rw 44 dB are achieved through the use of heavy, flexible glazing and composite sashes.
  7. State of the art security features
    Our window configuration already includes several elements that help ensure longevity while making windows and doors difficult to prise open, such as high-quality security fittings and all-round bolts, hinges with a load-bearing capacity of 130 kg and bonded panes. Laminated safety glass protects against break-ins and the risk of injury.
  8. Efficient solar and heat protection
    Rooms with a high proportion of glazing remain cooler for longer with special Sun-Control and Sun-Block solar protection glass. These glazing variants capture the bulk of the impacting solar energy yet at the same time provide high thermal insulation. Twin-line Nova or Twin-line Classic aluminium composite windows with integrated, weather-proof blinds between the panes are recommended for the individual adjustment of light and energy incidence.
  9. Can be combined with Our Vista window walls and aluminium conservatories
    Window walls with their large sliding doors and aluminium conservatories are ideal for use in large-scale glazing projects and glazed extensions. All window walls and glazed extension systems are based on the same design principle with the insulating PVC core frame encased inside and outside by aluminium profiles.
  10. Tested, certified quality
    Our products, underpinned by product tests from independent certification institutes, stands for the all-round quality of our products: from selection and testing of high quality materials, to bespoke production processes and professional fitting, as well as reliable service and dependable warranties.

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