Are glass walls the future!?

Glass Walls, are they really worth it!?

We have taken a look into glass walls and broken down the benefits and disadvantages of having one in your home or workplace. If you have been interested in a window wall before but weren’t too sure, this article will certainly be a big help in deciding.

Natural Light

Getting light from a natural source is often overlooked, but it has so many fantastic benefits that everyone should be taking full advantage of. Natural light has been proven to do great things for your health in general. Studies have shown it helps with reducing stress, depression even pain in some circumstances. Also a Vitamin D deficiency can cause migraines which can be helped with more daylight.

Health benefits aren’t the only advantage of having more natural light. Lighting systems account for 10% of total energy usage and the more daylight you have the less need for using artificial lights, meaning you pay less along with being healthier.

So what else is so good about them?

The new technology used in creating the double glazing has come on so far that the compromise on security and energy efficiency is minimal when replacing a standard wall. Unlike the glass used on older glass rooms, window walls etc the engineering gone into this controls the heat so well keeping almost all the cold out and letting the heat in keeping your home at a great temperature. 

Large glass areas give the illusion of much more space in homes and also gives a connection with the outdoors and almost breaks the barrier between inside and out. 

If you have a view from your home it seems a shame to block it out with a wall doesn’t it? A nice view is great for relaxing and comfort, whilst at the same time improving health and happiness. 

Another great thing is that they are custom made for every project. They can fit pretty much any opening that you would like no matter how big or small the project there will be a way to make it look fantastic with glass. You have the freedom to customize it to your specifications, with the choice of frames, colours, profiles, you can choose if you would like a fixed pane or the option of an opening window. 

With Window Walls growing in popularity an astounding rate, in both commercial and residential architecture it is becoming a defining characteristic of modern architecture. It is no surprise either as it can actually increase the return on investment of a home.


The main thing that is looked at when it comes to the downside of Glass walls is the cost. Where it is an expensive alternative to a normal wall however it does give you all the benefits listed above. As they are tailor made you can work to a budget that suits you.

Another slight downfall is the privacy factor as a large glass pane is transparent you will be able to see in from the outside. Their is ways around this such as glass films, sun screens and blinds.

So all in all if you plan correctly there should be no reason for these downfalls to effect your floor to ceiling wall and you can enjoy all the fantastic benefits that they offer.

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