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With so many benefits to energy efficient windows we can’t see much reason why you would decide against them. We wanted to dive a little deeper into the pros and the cons of these windows, so you can make a more educated decision if you ever decide to install new windows in your home. Here is what we have found out through our research that we think can benefit you.


Reduced Energy Costs


Now to most people this is the biggest factor when it comes to deciding for or against energy efficient windows. The way these have been manufactured they do a fantastic job of keeping the heat in and the cold out. This lowers the need for expensive heating costs. Energy efficient windows eliminate the air leaking and entering the home making sure you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Something you should know is that you will be rewarded tax credits if you upgrade to an energy efficient window as it is beneficial to the environment. The initial cost for an energy efficient window will more than likely be higher than a regular window, However over time this will even itself out. But bear in mind that this is only the first advantage they have over regular windows.


Less Maintenance


As a result of the windows being so good at minimizing energy transfer this reduces the amount of condensation buildup. This leads to a much lower risk of mold. In addition to this the UV-resistant coating practically eliminates water spots and dirt from amounting on the outside of the window. All of this results in less cleaning for you and more time to yourself.


Reduced External Noise


Another fantastic advantage of these windows blocking the exterior conditions is noise reduction. Especially if you are living in an area that is slightly busier this can turn your home into a much more relaxing environment. Along with the thermal benefits its provides this can transform your home into a comfortable, peaceful place, giving you a better chance to
unwind and relax.


Less Damage to Furniture


Whereas regular windows do not do a great job of blocking the suns harmful UV rays. As a result of this the rays have been known to damage interior furniture. Discoloring rugs and carpets, tarnishing woods and fabrics, gradually giving your home a duller appearance. However energy efficient windows block an astounding 98% of these rays from streaming through. This means you wont have to worry about damaged furniture anymore!




Studies have shown that over 80% of home burglaries are carried out via windows. But another study has shown that most burglars will give up trying to break in after 2 minutes. We have added extra security fittings to all of our windows with the option of adding even more to put your mind at ease. They have been tried and tested to ensure that the security fittings are good enough quality to protect you. All of this making sure the burglars find another place and you can sleep easily!

Overall energy efficient windows are going to be a part of the future. With so many upsides and the only downside being the initial cost, which is made up for over time. They are a great addition to any property providing you with extra security, keeping your home at a great temperature with a cheaper price, protect your furniture, less maintenance, the list goes on.

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