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More comfort, lower energy costs. Reduce energy bills by improving energy efficiency in your home.

energy efficient benefitsEnergy Efficient

Our energy efficient systems lead the way in aluminium window construction. A process of constant development has enabled the successful combination of two tried and tested materials. Together the insulating properties of the PVC core and the benefits of high-quality, low-maintenance aluminium surface profiles create an innovative product that increases comfort in a sustainable, energy-efficient way. The defining feature of our windows and doors is their excellent thermal insulation.

The innovative multi-chambered PVC profiles with their central seal guarantee Uw values of up to 0.80 W/m2k. Once installed, the isothermal flow is ideal, eliminating any risk of thermal bridges. Insulating construction joints, insulated window seals and the standardized use of thermally optimized glass spacers all contribute to the excellent thermal properties of our system.

The energy efficient systems provide a lot of benefits, one that most people usually like the sound of is reducing energy bills as there will not be as much of a need for heating in the home as these intelligent windows will keep the heat in and the cold out. Another feature is that it stops damage to furniture inside the home by blocking the harmful UV rays that usually damage inside furniture. Other benefits include increased security as they are very hard to break into and the security fittings are extremely strong, it will reduce external and it will require less maintenance as the windows cut down how much condensation there will be stopping the chances of mold.


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